Trainers at EasyAs Driver Training

Driving School Trainer Douglas


Doug enjoys meeting new people and assisting them in achieving their goals. Working as an Easy As Driver Trainer combines his passion for people and his love of driving. He emphasises fundamental driving skills, how to be safe on the road, and how to pass the exam, all in a fun and relaxed way!

Doug drives a 2019 white auto Toyota Corolla.

Driving School Trainer Peter


Peter is a father of four.

He has great knowledge of Redcliffe and surrounding areas having lived in that area for most of his life.

Peter is a great communicator, very experienced professional road user.

Patient and understanding.


Driving School Trainer Charlie


Charlie is a genuine and empathetic trainer and is always prepared to go that little bit further if you need that extra care and attention. Charlie has been a trainer for many years and his high pass rate is a testament to his attention to detail and focus on making new drivers safe drivers.

He drives a 2020 Toyota Corolla

Driving School Trainer Umar


Umar is a kind compassionate trainer. He has a caring medical background and comes from a family of Driver Trainers.

You will be delighted with Umars attention to detail and professionalism.

Driving School Trainer Kirsten


Kirsten is amazing!

With 30+ years in education, lessons are fun and informative.

She is always encouraging, understanding and patient, even after teaching 4 of her own children to drive.

Driving School Trainer Nabil


Nabil has been trained with all the latest in driver instruction, ever changing road rules and techniques to best assist you in your learning journey. He has a passion for training, and enjoys working with people and supporting them as they develop their skills and confidence. He is patient, thorough and diligent in providing comprehensive and effective training sessions to all of his driving students. Nabil's students complete their lessons with confidence, accuracy and most importantly road safety.  

Driving School Trainer Victor


Victor is one of our most respected and dedicated trainers. His aim with all of his students is to ensure that they obtain the knowledge and skills they will need to drive safely when they get their licence. Due to his passionate way of teaching he has become a most sought after trainer. All students past and present have stated that they really enjoyed their lessons and were grateful for the knowledge that Victor has given them.

Victor drives a 2015 white Toyota Corolla (auto).

Driving School Trainer Salvo


Salvo was a school teacher for 10 years.

He had a passion for driving and wanted to use his teaching skills to better outcomes by having that one of one teaching opportunity.

Has been a driver trainer for many years now with a continuing passion.

Driving School Trainer Thomas


Tom has a back-ground in Adult Education, Paramedicine and is a qualified Counsellor. He brings
a fresh perspective to driver instruction and has a proven track record of developing the skills and
habits that will that contribute to a lifetime of safe driving.
Tom has the experience, patience, and demeanor to calm anxious learner drivers and promote a
safe experience. Whether you are starting from scratch or polishing your skills, each interaction is
tailored to suit the individual’s specific age, pace, and unique educational needs.

Driving School Trainer Jodie


Jodie is a patient teacher and keeps a calm environment in the car. She strives to make your child’s driving experience a fun and happy one while learning all the necessary skills to drive a motor vehicle safely. 

Jodie has a passion for driving with knowledge herself across many different forms and has done many defensive driving courses. This is a skill that she would like to pass onto her students. 

Jodie would be absolutely delighted to teach your child on their journey to achieve their license. 

Jodie drives a brand new 2021 Toyota Corolla Automatic. 

Driving School Trainer Annie


Annie is a mother of 2 and has been driving for over 33yrs. She was an International flight attendant with Qantas for 17yrs before starting her family. She is a calm and patient instructor and is passionate about teaching her students to be safe of the roads as well as learning the necessary skills to pass there P test and develop skills to make them a lifelong safe driver.


Annie drives a White 2019 Suzuki Swift Auto

Driving School Trainer Sam


Sam has been a driving instructor for more than 30 years now and prides himself on being patient, personable and professional. When he is not teaching, he enjoys golf, watching the soccer (TOTTENHAM)(and LOVES food from all over the globe(KEBAB MY FAVOURITE-HENCE BEING TURKISH) spending time with his young family & watching my son playing football(soccer).Waiting for my daughter to graduate as a dentist so i can get free dental work(LOL) In terms of his driver training career, he would like to see all young people safer on our roads and makes this a priority when teaching.

Sam drives a 2017 Hyundai Accent [manual]

Driving School Trainer Mark


Mark is a manual instructor with over 35 years safe driving experience including working with heavy vehicles for over 10 years.  He has lived in the Western suburbs all his life raising 2 children through to teenagers as a stay at home dad, and has been heavily involved in volunteering at both primary and high schools.  Mark is a patient and friendly instructor who enjoys helping people.

                           Mark drives a 2019 Toyota Corolla manual

Driving School Trainer Neil


Neil's background is in Marketing and Transport and Logistics.
Despite the thrills and spills of commercial life - He is a strong believer in doing things right, and above all else doing them safely - and this very much applies to his approach to driver training.
Down time includes travel, surfing and long walks.
Driving School Trainer Noel


Noel has been a Driver Trainer for over 10 years has now joined the professional team at EasyAs. Noel Lives at Everton Park with his wife, and cat. Noel takes great pride in knowing that he trains to a high standard of driving ability and continues to do the same with past, present and future students. He is a patient man with a calm and positive manner and is very passionate about training drivers to a level where they are competent and confident drivers. Noel rests easy knowing that when the learner gets their "P"s, they have taken with them an experience that will keep them safe on the road for a life time.

Noel drives a 2019 white suzuki baleno.

Driving School Trainer Pat


Driving has always been a passion of Pat's, so has teaching and instructing, so combining the two always made sense. Using the skills he has learnt over 40 years of driving, with his ability to teach others learn to drive in a safe, professional and patient way is his specialty. The techniques Pat has developed are a combination of experience and coaching , gained from a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a Level 1 Surfing Instructor License and many years of  working with people of all ages and ranges of abilities. He also worked for Qantas as an International Flight Attendant for 33 years.  Pat looks forward to helping you gain the skills to be a successful, confident and safe driver. Pat is also an accredited Keys2Drive Instructor.

Driving School Trainer Neil


Neil has been involved with customer-oriented business in both retail and corporate for 43 years. Attention to a customer's needs is paramount and this carries over to the Driver Training role. Patience and persistence, being quietly spoken, well versed in the theory and practise of defensive driving as well as having a passion for safe, commonsense driving on our roads makes Neil the perfect choice as trainer.

Neil drives a silver automatic Kia Rio.

Driving School Trainer Kathy


Kathy decided to pursue a career in professional driver training after training her own children to drive. With over 27 years driving experience she has come to recognise the risks that new drivers represent to both themselves and other road users. Her passion and goal is to provide all the necessary skills to drive a motor vehicle safely on your own. Kathy’s main focus is to ensure your driving experience with her will be relaxed, fun and friendly! Kathy feels to assist you in passing your P’s test that Hazard Identification skills and actions to take on how to prevent an accident are the key factors on how to make a difference on our roads.

Kathy drives a 2015 White Auto Toyota Corolla.

Driving School Trainer Peter


Peter is a happily married father of three teenage children and lives on the south side of Brisbane. In his spare time he enjoys participating in sporting activities, doing house renovations and gardening. Peter is passionate about making sure that young drivers have the skills and knowledge to not only pass their driving test but have developed the skills to make them a lifelong safe driver.

He drives a 2018 white Toyota Yaris (manual).

Driving School Trainer Ken


Ken is one of our most passionate trainers and is one of our most requested trainers.

Most of my students are young female teenagers.

Why is this so? 

Because I am trusted by them immediately and I explain everything clearly.

My nature is very calm, my car always presented to a high standard.

I am a non smoker.

Most of my background involved helping/teaching younger people,  and so it continues. 

When a female teenager keeps some birthday cake for you, I must be doing something right !

God bless. 

Driving School Trainer Amanda


With a background in education at QUT, Amanda is a calm and patient instructor who aspires to create safe and attentive drivers. In her free time she enjoys rock climbing and freediving around Brisbane and the world.

Amanda recently moved to Samford but is still available for past students in the city/southside area. Please contact us or Amanda directly to book. 

She drives an Automatic Suzuki Swift.

Driving School Trainer Steve


Steve is a passionate driver trainer and after many years as an air traffic controller was looking for a new direction in life.

He feels he has found his new passion.

Steve drives a 2015 white Toyota Corolla (manual).

Driving School Trainer Neryl



Neryl has a happy bright personality. She loves animals and loves to hear about her students ambitions and goals in life. After working in retail for many years in the Jeweller Industry she decided that she wanted a different challenge.

She is very easy to talk to and very patient and understanding of different challenges that students may have.

Neryl has been an instructor for almost 13years and has experience in Manual and Auto. 

Neryl is currently driving a 2017 Toyota Corolla. This is an AUTO. 

She looks forward to meeting you all. 

Driving School Trainer Dave


Dave has been a Trainer with EasyAs since 2008.
He left for a short time to become an officer in the Qld Police Service but soon discovered his real passion in life was driver training.
He has a phenomenal 1st time pass rate due to his attention to detail and great rapport with new drivers.

Dave drives a white auto Suzuki Swift.

Driving School Trainer Lyle


Lyle is passionate with everything he does and strives to be the best at everything. Driver Training, as a Dad and in his previous occupation as the best spray painter. He has  also had the triple vaccination for Covid as not only does he cares for his wife’s health and he also cares about your safety and well-being!

He drives a 2020 white Toyota Yaris  (auto).

Driving School Trainer Don


I enjoy driving and teaching. By helping new learners develop the right habits and skills early on in their driving career it helps make driving safer for all. Through volunteer and community work I have had the opportunity to work with the younger generation as a mentor and coach. Something I have enjoyed very much. I also can relate to mature students and adapt my lessons based on my stidents skills and ability.

Previously I was a Project Director  in the business  community.  My goal as a professional driver instructor is to have lessons that are informative, educational and also relaxed. I aim to develop a good attitude to driving from the start which will help you feel safe and also be a safer driver, skills that you can take through for the rest of  your motoring journey. I teach my students how to drive intelligently and safely so they can enjoy their driving experience well beyond their P 's.

Don drives an AUTO 2019 Corolla Hybrid Hatch and operates around the Redlands and Brisbane Bayside areas.

Driving School Trainer Doug


Doug Potter is a qualified automatic Driving Instructor, operating around the North side of Brisbane since 2006.
Doug has successfully achieved results which place him in the top 3 percent Certified Platinum Accreditation level for Keys2drive Instructor for the Australian Government Programme.
Doug consistently receives great feedback from his Students, and the Australian Government Programme, articulating his professionalism, patience, friendly and approachable manner and has been highly recommended repeatedly.
Doug demonstrates Easy As Driving in a very comfortable, user friendly, automatic 2020 latest model Toyota Corolla Hybrid, most students are impressed with the maneuvering of this vehicle.
For relaxed, genuine Driver training, contact Doug, he will make it happen!


Driving School Trainer Linda


Linda has many years experience nursing and caring for the needs of individuals.

This patient caring attitude transfers well in her driver training.

Linda gets lots of personal referrals and is highly regarded by her students.

Linda drives a 2016 white Suzuki Swift (auto).

Driving School Trainer Tas


Tas drives a 2015 white Toyota Yaris (auto).

Driving School Trainer Matt


Matt is a highly skilled driver trainer who receives high recomendations  from his past students.

He is especially patient, calm and friendly.

Very experienced in confidence building, error identification and mastering defensive driving.

He works together with learners to improve and enhance their confidence, skills, control, decision-making and responsiveness.

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