Victor is one of our most respected and dedicated trainers. His aim with all of his students is to ensure that they obtain the knowledge and skills they will need to drive safely when they get their licence. Due to his passionate way of teaching he has become a most sought after trainer. All students past and present have stated that they really enjoyed their lessons and were grateful for the knowledge that Victor has given them.

Victor drives a 2015 white Toyota Corolla (auto).

5 Star Rating


Victor was an instructor that focussed on the primary issues of learning to drive, so as a parent and young driver they don't just pass a test but are safe and aware of the road that they are responsible on and the car they are in charge of.

He taught with respect but ensured the driver was ready to drive on their own and did not push selling lessons if a driver was ready.

So highly recommend and his passion for the learner was evident and taught with respect.

Thank uou

Georgie Dobbs

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