Tas drives a 2015 white Toyota Yaris (auto).

Reviews 5 Star Rating


I am a slightly older learner, having not had much interest or confidence in my driving as a teenager and in my early twenties. I commenced lessons with Tas Khan this January and have had almost weekly lessons as my licence was due to expire in April. Tas was kind, informative, provided clear directions and advice to perform driving manoeuvres correctly and was patient when identifying areas of improvement. She facilitated a calm learning environment and equipped me with the skills to maintain my composure on the road, to understand what was required for the practical exam and went above and beyond, managing to get a last minute booking which I passed today. I recommend her to anyone who would like a driving instructor to lead and guide themselves or their children to success. Thank you Tas for your ongoing dedication to educating new drivers and for instilling positive behaviours for me to be a safe, confident driver now and into the future.


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