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Simply Click the Login Button.   

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What Days and Times do you offer Lessons?

Training Hours for most suburbs are... 


  • Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm     
  • Saturday 7 am to 5 pm.     
  • Sunday and Public Holidays  - Closed.

 What Is the 3 for $99.00 Deal? 

 The introductory 3 for $99 Deal is part of a Commonwealth Government funded Road safety Initiative called Keys2Drive. 

 You book you 1st one hour lesson online. 

 Before you can book the FREE lesson ( usually the 2nd lesson) you need to provide us with a FREE Lesson ID . 

 This ID can be obtained at https://www.keys2drive.com.au/learners/create 

 For more information about Keys2Drive go to https://www.keys2drive.com.au/about-the-free-lesson

 Once you have obtained this ID you can give it directly to your trainer or ring our Central Office on 1300 977 310

I Purchased the 3 for $99 Package and have only had one lesson but can't book the others - It keeps asking me to pay again? 

 The 3 for $99 package is part of a Commonwealth Government Road Safety initiative called Keys2Drive.  

To book the 2nd and 3rd lessons of that package we need you to provide us with a FREE LESSON ID (FLID) which we then need to verify.  

Unfortunately, this prevents us for offering online booking for the 2nd and 3rd lesson of the 3 for $99 Package.  

To book those lessons you need to provide us with the FREE LESSON ID ( FLID )   

This can be done directly with your trainer on the 1st lesson or by calling our Central Booking Office on 1300 977 310 

 How do I register for Keys2Drive?

 Go to https://www.keys2drive.com.au/learners/create

 I've Registered for Keys2Drive, How do I book the lesson? 

 Keys2Drive lessons need to be booked directly with you trainer or by calling our Central Booking Office on 1300 977 310 

When I try to book lessons for the Package I purchased I get asked for payment again?

This usually occurs in one of 3 scenarios. 

 When you are trying to book the 2nd or 3rd lesson of the Introductory Keys2Drive Package. (See Above) 

 You have purchased a Lesson and Test package which requires us to still book your test with Queensland Transport and Main roads. 

(To send us all the information we need please click here.) 

 You have accidentally purchased a Manual Vehicle package and are trying to book Auto or Visa Versa.

I Purchased a Lesson and Test Package but I can't book the test with my trainer?

When you purchased a lesson and test package NO booking has been made with Queensland Transport and Main Roads unless you have already booked the test yourself. 

We strongly recommend you DO NOT book the test personally but allow our office to do it on your behalf. 

This guarantees that we have a trainer and vehicle available for the booked Date and Time. 

There are No additional Fees for this service (Government Fees and Test day Fees still apply) 

We will book the test for you with Queensland Transport and Main Roads. 

To do this you need to submit a Test booking application by Clicking Here. 

This provides us with all the information we need to book the test on your behalf. I

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