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At EasyAs Driver Training, Defensive Driving isn't a "must pay extra" addition to our training - it is fundamental to every aspect of our driver training philosophy. Our Defensive Driving is taught in the real world environment - where it matters. NOT on an off road irrelevant scenario.

We won't tell you what you did was wrong, we will discuss with you WHY a different approach is better and how to execute the new approach.

All our vehicles ( except 1)  are 5 star ANCAP rated for your safety - the highest rating available in Australia. Our vehicles are also less than 4 years old - for your safety and comfort.

EasyAs Trainers are trained up to 4 times longer than other driving instructors - 6-8 weeks compared to the industry average of 8 days.(because we know experience counts).

Lessons  What's included Auto Manual

Standard Lesson 1 Hour Lesson $80 $80
2 Hour Consecutive Lesson 1 x 2 Hour Consecutive Lesson $160 $160
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