Lesson and Test

You won't be taught JUST to "Pass the Test" - you will be taught to drive Defensively and Safely and as a result "Pass the Test".

Our training exceeds all the requirements to be an RACQ Accredited Driving School. Our trainers are independently assessed by assessors outside our company to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our trainer's experience ensures that if you meet any difficulties they will have strategies available to assist you.

All progress is fully documented and we encourage parents to interact fully with us.

Lesson & Test Packages What's included Auto Manual
Car-only Test 1 Vehicle Use for Driving Test
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$130 $130
Lesson and Test
! Save $15.00 !
1 x 1 Hour Lesson
1 Vehicle Use or Trainer for Driving Test
$194 $194
Platinum package
! Save over $100.00 !
1 x 1.5 Hour Lesson
8 x 1 Hour Lesson
1 x 2.5 Hour Lesson
$929 $929
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