Noel has been a Driver Trainer for over 10 years has now joined the professional team at EasyAs. Noel Lives at Everton Park with his wife, and cat. Noel takes great pride in knowing that he trains to a high standard of driving ability and continues to do the same with past, present and future students. He is a patient man with a calm and positive manner and is very passionate about training drivers to a level where they are competent and confident drivers. Noel rests easy knowing that when the learner gets their "P"s, they have taken with them an experience that will keep them safe on the road for a life time.

Noel drives a 2019 white suzuki baleno.

5 Star Rating


So great full Noel was recommended by a friend.
Noel is very chill, friendly and an amazing teacher!
He made me feel less nervous while driving, and made me feel better about my driving! Noel also takes the time to get to know you , you can always have a laugh with him and he’s very good at explains things in words and on paper (visual learners).
Would definitely recommend Noel 10/10

Rhiannon Hagan

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