Don has always had a passion for enjoying driving and helping new learners develop the right habits and skills early on in their driving career. Through volunteer and community work I have had the opportunity to work with the younger generation as a mentor and coach. Something I have enjoyed very much.

Previously I was a Project Director  in the business  community.  My goal as a professional driver instructor is to have lessons that are informative, educational and also relaxed. I aim to develop a good attitude to driving from the start which will help you feel safe and also be a safer driver, skills that you can take through for the rest of  your motoring journey. I teach my students how to drive intelligently and safely so they can enjoy their driving experience well beyond their P 's.

Don drives an AUTO 2019 Corolla Hybrid Hatch and operates around the Brisbane Bayside areas.

5 Star Rating


I just passed my driving test and gain my open license today. Big thanks to my primary instructor- Don Charles, as well as Neil. Thank you so much for sharing your driving experiences with me and teach me to be a better driver to drive safety. They are both excellent instructors! Wishing you all the best!

Wesley/ Chee Han

Chee Han Lee

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