Shaun is the father of 2 teenage boys and has lived in the Bayside for the past 11 years. His older son recently past his manual driving t (April 21)mand his younger son will be getting his learner’s licence later this year. 

He is conscientious, courteous and easy to communicate with.

Shaun's students are trained with the necessary skills and confidence to be safe drivers, not just for their driving test, but for life. He is professional and reliable however always makes learning to drive fun!  .

Shaun is a firm believer in training SMART drivers and offers driver training in a manual Toyota Corolla. 

5 Star Rating


Shaun has my highest recommendations - I would happily refer him to anyone looking for an instructor in Brisbane.

I had been a learner for quite a long time as I tend to be an anxious perfectionist, but since having a baby it was time to get on with it and get the licence. It had been a number of years since my last proper lesson with a trainer, so I booked a test package with a couple of lessons to finesse and fine tune my driving.

Within the first half of the first lesson, Shaun was able to articulate a couple of ideas that flicked a switch for me and immediately helped with my confidence on the road. He is a very alert instructor, he doesn't miss a single detail and is able to assist with self correcting even the most minor of poor habits. I really appreciated his even manner of delivery and his lesson development, taking me along common test routes and working through typical manoeuvres. By the time the test rolled around, I felt prepared and READY to take the test - unfortunately my test was cancelled a week before due to COVID. Never mind! I also commend Easy As for their open communication during this time. Easy As handled all of the rescheduling and gave me plenty of opportunity to provide new times that worked best for me when booking my test.

This week I was finally able to have my last lesson with Shaun and take the test - I passed! I genuinely wish I had been learning with Shaun from the start, perhaps I would have had my licence years ago!

Jane Grais

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