Robin has extensive driving experience in the police, army, and as a private investigator. Recently Robin has worked as an action sports photographer and developed an excellent rapport with teenagers and young adults. Robin has always been passionate about providing the best service possible to her clients. She brings a breath of fresh air to the team with her sense of humour and immense patience.

Robin drives a 2017 white Mazda 2 (auto).

5 Star Rating


There aren’t enough words, or ways to say just how wonderful Robin is! She is so wonderfully patient, kind, and sets you at ease. And most importantly - Robin set me up with the skills to drive safely and confidently. The knowledge and skills she imparts on the student is absolutely priceless. I passed my driving test very first go, and I absolutely owe it to this wonderful woman! She went above and beyond. Thank you again Robin

Sarah Oldfield

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