Ken is one of our most passionate trainers and is one of our most requested trainers.

Most of my students are young female teenagers.

Why is this so? 

Because I am trusted by them immediately and I explain everything clearly.

My nature is very calm, my car always presented to a high standard.

I am a non smoker.

Most of my background involved helping/teaching younger people,  and so it continues. 

When a female teenager keeps some birthday cake for you, I must be doing something right !

God bless. 

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Ken Somerville has been my instructor while I worked towards getting my Ps and I highly recommend him. As an instructor he is endlessly patient and supportive. He is always thinking of how best to help his students, including those who may be struggling with anxiety as I was.

Ken was always consistent with his calm demeanour and teaching, even when I was having a rough time. He helped me understand not only where I went wrong, but where I went right.

With the benefit of Ken's instruction, I now feel confident in my decisions and my ability to keep myself safe on the road.


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