I enjoy driving and teaching. By helping new learners develop the right habits and skills early on in their driving career it helps make driving safer for all. Through volunteer and community work I have had the opportunity to work with the younger generation as a mentor and coach. Something I have enjoyed very much. I also can relate to mature students and adapt my lessons based on my stidents skills and ability.

Previously I was a Project Director  in the business  community.  My goal as a professional driver instructor is to have lessons that are informative, educational and also relaxed. I aim to develop a good attitude to driving from the start which will help you feel safe and also be a safer driver, skills that you can take through for the rest of  your motoring journey. I teach my students how to drive intelligently and safely so they can enjoy their driving experience well beyond their P 's.

Don drives an AUTO 2019 Corolla Hybrid Hatch and operates around the Redlands and Brisbane Bayside areas.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Super enjoyable lessons with super insightful instructor. Don taught me a lot of helpful skills I will take with me through my entire driving journey.


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