Ali Khan

Ali is a passionate trainer and with an Engineering background knows how important attention to detail is. 

Reviews 5 Star Rating


First time driving, first time in the driver's seat, and no experience before: that was me. The way Ali Khan taught and explained to a beginner such as me was very intuitive, easy to grasp. He provided constructive, practical feedback, building small goals upon small goals, gradually increasing the complexity of the task as long as it was comfortable. He put first the safety of both us and others. From first greeting until we arrived by my house when the lesson ended, he was very easy going, casual yet effective, reserved, addressed my nervousness and improved my judgment. Timing of the feedback was very wise, and the overall feedback at the end was helpful as it provided another opportunity to improve to drive more safely and properly. As a beginner, I learnt about the basics of how a car behaves, driving forward (including but not limited to roundabouts and u-turns), and reversing. I highly recommend Ali, and definitely EasyAs DTA, to all beginners. I look forward to my driving lessons with Ali.

Joshua Yoon

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